Abraham Patriarchae Peregrinatio et Vita Original Antique Print

Published 1586, this elaborate mapping of the Holy Land complete with twenty-two medallions depicting the life of Abraham the Patriarch was published by Abraham Ortelius in 1586 for his THEATRUM ORBIS TERRARUM. Ortelius’ extraordinary talents as a cartographer, historian and an artist are highlighted as a culmination in this biblical theme engraving. Of special interest is the illustration of the land of Canaan in the time of the Patriarchs with the territorial divisions being revised from the story of Abraham in Genesis. Among the biblical subjects depicted on the medallion images are Abraham leaving Ur, receiving the promise of the land, the birth of Issac and the outcasting of Hagar, the sacrifice of Issac and the funerals of Sarah and Abraham. This map, finely hand coloured, is embellished with a very detailed biblical cartouche and framed by the promise of Abraham as an inscription.

Frame: 37″ x 34″

Map: 13 3/4” x 17 3/4”

About the Collector
Dr. Ray Cook

Dr. Ray Cook practiced medicine in Wichita, Kansas for more than 38 years. He was born in the South, developing an affinity for history and the Civil War. Over his life-time, Dr. Cook gathered a collection of presidential documents, books, and other works on paper related to his interest in history. This rare collection is now being offered at auction.


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